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Chosen projects currently led by PVC:

* Versamed; Modern medical technologies in advanced, non-invasive bio-stimulation and treatment with telemedicine software; project is focused on developing Solaris bio-stimulation medical device based upon PILER polarized light into multipurpose telemedicine centre with diagnostic and curative capabilities. Actually SOLARIS mediacal device is offered on PVC's e-shop. Watch a video on PILER light and Solaris lamp on YouTube: solaris PILER eng

* LaPro; Wasteless recycling technology of Rare Earth Metals (Lanthanides) as well as other types of all elements which are in different types of waste.  Technology is based upon patented version of ion-exchange chromatography. LaPro Technology is to be licensed globally with reisins developed individually for every single element discovered in waste.

* Polish Spa System; Acquisition, turn around and expansion project of five Polish renowned spas with over 40 curative hotels, sanatoria, spa & wellness hotels and graduation tower as well as with a company manufacturing health & beauty products based upon mineral waters and muds.

* DOS Lotos; Medical tourism for medium and long term curative stays in Poland & Czechia for rehabilitation and therapeutic stays for elderly: pensioners and retired seniors;

* Hospitality; A selection of green field projects with central locations in main Polish cities and at spas for hotels, boarding houses, resthouses and resorts.

Project Solaris/Versamed - Video YouTube:


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